I slept in; realized the time through on some clothes and dashed out the door. I got about 1 km away and caught a glimpse of my face, turned around and went home to put my face on. I left again got about the same distance when it hit me I did not dilate but this time I did not turn around as I would have to strip down and that was going to take to much work, I would dilate when I got home and then again before I went to bed. I spent the day downtown as there was a rally I wanted to go to, it was a Sex Ed saves lives rally.

To quote my post on the Facebook page “The fact that I did not know anything about my flavour of queer (Trans) until after high school. The fact that I thought being gay was bad, that it served no evolutionary purpose until the end of university. The fact that a friend in first year university thought Trans folk were nothing more than cross dressers. These facts are some of the reasons why I am here.”

After the rally I was carless so I wondered around down town in the heat and a skirt, wow is chafing not fun. I got my car back and I was going home, then I realized I had work to do and dilating got pushed back further. It was not until about 20:00 until I could dilate. I still aim to do it twice today though just have to wait a minimum of 1.5 hours between dilation sessions.

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