I enjoyed Queen City Pride

I am one crazy girl; I walked the length of the parade prior to it starting, as I was collecting signatures. Once the parade started I went and walked with a group a 3rd of the way through, I was trying to collect some signatures on the side of the road and the end of the parade caught up to me. I booked it about a quarter of the parade, got some more signatures when the end of the parade caught up with me again. I booked it some more. I hugged some moms giving out hugs, I really believe that they needed it to. The Leader Post took a photo of me to put on their webpage, or so I found out later, the regina pride parade in pictures. I got more signatures and I just booked it some more. Because Albert street is a rather major street people not knowing about PRIDE were stopped in Traffic, most of them where good sports about it but there was one person who was hiding their face but you could see the steam coming out of their ears. I ran some more to get more signatures. I ran and found the beginning of the parade, so I saw the whole parade.

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