My Maternal Breeding Unit

My maternal breeding unit attacked me again recently, because I am still dealing with some money issues and rather then her helping me she has decided to attack me. I was sitting in my chair by my front door watching to see if she was coming through the parking lot, if I saw her in my parking lot I was going to leave fast! I started crying when I realized this was no way to live, I very briefly thought of taking my life but realized that would not look good on the community I so passionately fight for, I feel for the ones who do not have the strength that I do when they go through the Transphobic stuff.

My maternal breeding unit has demanded that I quit call her those “three disgusting words,” she demands I respect her without respecting me. I had one of her spies tell her that I was using that term on my Facebook profile, he tried giving me heck about how both of my Parental Breeding Units had done good stuff for me so I have removed him from my friends list. I will continue respecting my maternal breeding unit the way she respects me, it will take a lot for her to show me that she respects me.

I leave it in her court to figure out respect, but I will say it is earned not deserved.

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