I was reading a blog that I follow and realized I can get closer to the unnatural preservative free diet I keep trying to get to. I will also be moving slowly to a waste free household; I already avoid as much plastic as I can, but that post helped me see the light.

My down fall To any diet is usually pasta, I like pasta. I got my electric pasta maker working and tada I am eating pasta with out the extra additives that make it last longer. I plan on making my own cheese soon; but this will be from almond milk, or maybe pistachio milk. I have made pistachio pasta sauce before and it was good.

I make my own nut milk as I try to avoid dairy and I am sure nut milks are full of unnatural preservatives.

On the topic of unnatural preservatives several years back I made the mistake of reading what was in microwave popcorn, we will just say I don’t eat microwave popcorn anymore. My microwave also recently gave out so I don’t use that either.

I compost as much as I can so that is good, removing that waste and returning it to nature. I recycle as much as I can, reduce reuse and recycle.

I have been meaning to make my own makeup again, when I was first going to use makeup I was scared of going to buy it so I was going to make it. Fast forward to today and I am comfortable going to a store and buying makeup, so making it feel out of my mind.

I avoid plastic grocery bags using my own reusable ones. A good breakdown on how they benefit can be found at

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