I Found More of Him While I Was Being Me

This morning I woke up just sweating, I was so hot. I love my fluffy pyjamas but the time had come where they need to be put away until the seasons change back. So I am going to be wearing my spring and summer pyjamas now, I am sad to say they are not fluffy and embracing. Trying to find a place to store my warm fluffy pyjamas is another story; I thought they would just go where my other pyjamas were, nope not going to fit my other pyjamas are not fluffy and take up far less space. So I went in to my closet as I was going to find room in there, haha my closet is full! I was thinking well I could get rid of some of my clothes, but I thought “haha right Reann you love your clothes!” So a little frustrated I looked up above my hangers and realized I still had dead names winter socks up there I pulled out the drawer and put them into a box to donate, one pair of pyjamas fit. I looked at the two other drawers and they had more of dead names clothing in there, I was a little flustered so I looked and saw I still had lots of his clothes still.

He had so much clothing, I thought I had gotten rid of all of it I was finding more and more. My alarm clock went off and I realized I am running behind so tomorrow I think I will do more venturing into my closet to see what I can clean out. How was it not obvious that I was really there? How did I stay in the metaphorical closet for so long?


  1. Is there a way I can send you or post a couple pics with this?
    Your post reminds me. After having transistioned close to, along time ago. Before grunge and after the material girl. I think I’m down to a couple of pairs of wool socks. I finally got rid of my hiking boots and a pair of black pants I bought for a funeral after grunge but before the milleniumn. If you see the pictures you’ll go how can she tell. The onlyboy things in this closet are a newer pair of dessert combat boots and some flannel/chambre shirts.


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