Girl Who Backs Up

I feel weirdly validated; I got home and backed into my parking spot, because I hate backing out of my spot in the morning. A JW was doing door knocking and when I got out he said to me “it is good to see girls who can back up.” I just made a comment about having a back up camera, and as I was walking away I felt really validated. I thought maybe he was hitting on me. I found out he was a JW when he came back and knocked on my door.


  1. What is a JW?
    Glad your feeling validated. I got called he twice today. I’ve been working @ the same liberal government agency for almost 15 years now. For the most part I’m pretty stealth but that long things slip or someone from the outside says something. 99% of the people either don’t know/realize or don’t say anything. Then there is the occassion like today that is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I so wanted to say something but didn’t want to out myself to everyone else.


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