Yesterday I posted about my wardrobe

I stated that my wardrobe transition was officially completed yesterday, as I decided to put my winter clothes away. This morning when I was looking deep into my soul trying to decide what to wear today I realized some of my clothes were still items I would wear during the winter. So I decided to go back and say I have made the transition to my spring wardrobe.

My spring wardrobe will look a lot like my summer wardrobe except my spring wardrobe still has some heavier cardigans for cold days. What I like about my spring wardrobe is colours but that it still has some cardigans that could be worn on chill days, I am excited for colours though!

A little while ago my favourite part of me being me was fall fashion, because it looked fabulous and it was functional. Now that I have a fashion sense I think spring and summer fashion will be my favourite part of being me! That being said I reserve the right to change my mind in 5 months when I transition back to my fall wardrobe!

My pyjamas also rank fairly high on my favourite part of being me scale. I got new pyjamas for my trip to Montreal, they are fluffy and make me feel like I am being hugged.

In the summer I will move to skirts away from my pants, my skirts are fairly high on my favourite part of being me scale as well. I think I like clothes, Maybe all of my clothes should be at the top of the favourite part of being me scale! Well my pants are not up there, maybe I am a little biased against my pants because for what ever reason I decided to get two pairs of redish jeans, why I decided to do that is a mystery on me but o well.

I like clothes!

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