I will admit

Someone in a Facebook group I belong to was venting about some old sad excuse for a human asked this person when there porno was coming out. The first thought that would have come to my mind had someone said that to me is “Why would you like a signed copy?” This persons only experience with Trans folk would probably be porn, which is sad but not uncommon.

Before I was really out to myself the only Trans stuff I saw was car part (T slur) porn, I did not want to become a porn fetish so I hid in the closet. There is nothing wrong with being in porn I personally know a few individuals who use it to pay for their Transition. While I was in high school I really slacked off so my marks were not quit high enough to get into university so I entered the Transition program which helped me get the very expensive paper allowing me to put BA after my name. While I was in this program I came up with using the T slur to describe us, a friend asked me if I knew what they where? I just calmly said they are half man and half woman; but the one friend tried to correct me by saying they are just cross dressers, I will admit that this statement probably set me back in my journey.

About a year later I started to venture out again however I still saw Trans folk primarily as porn fetishes. I started to understand that Trans folk had lives outside of porn but I was far from seeing that it is only a small amount of people who do porn. I started to venture out of the closet to myself but every time I would porn would come back to mind. It was not until my second last year of University that I realized we are so much more then porn fetishes you can read more about that here How did I Know.

There is so much more to any population of people then what is seen in porn! Trans folk are here and we have always been part of society.

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