For the first time ever all of Reann’s laundry has been cleaned. Almost all of it is hanging in my closet, my wardrobe is designed so that I am not washing it all at the same time but just as luck would have it I needed to do it at the same time.

I have a lot of clothes because I love clothes, I have always liked clothes but now that I have fashion I love clothes.

Today I made it official, I put my “strictly” fall and winter fashion to the back of the closet. It brought a tear to my eyes, but then I realized I get to wear my spring and summer clothes which put a smile to my face!

I have a lot of clothes that will work in the spring but not so much in the summer so I need more “strictly” spring and summer clothes. What I am looking for is more colours and kimonos. I have white bras coming in the mail as I have realized that colours show through shirts.

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