Of All Years

I understand that PRIDE organizations are run by volunteers, I understand that there are issues that everyone faces, I understand that there are many factors that go into any decision, I understand and appreciate that there are things that I do not but of all years to cancel PRIDE 2019 is not the year to do it.

50 years ago this drinking establishment in New York was raided, it was frequented by Trans and Genderqueer folk. Martha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera have received most of the credit for starting the Stonewall Riot. By there own account they were not there the first night, Zazu Nova and Jackie Hormona have been denied credit for starting the riot. The Stonewall Riot was what started the pride movement.

Stonewall was an event that changed history and lead to rights being afforded to many who had lost them. PRIDE is a celebration of Stonewall, 50 years is a milestone for the PRIDE Edmonton board to cancel this years events is disgusting. I would like to see the queers of Edmonton to find another city to celebrate PRIDE this year. I would invite them all to come to Saskatoon but I realize that maybe hard for many.

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