I am going to be moving to injectable oestrogen. I understand it will make my emotions do things again, but I am ok with that because it will also do other things that the pill just cannot do. I am of the understanding that it will soften my skin and hair more, so that is good. After seeing some friends in meat space get on it they have had noticeable boob development, I already have bigger boobs by AMAB standards but bigger ones to match my build will feminize my frame more. Booty development, again I already have a bit of a booty but adding to it and my hips will help with feminizing bum. Lightening of my hair all of my hair should become lighter and softer, maybe my facial, chest, tummy, and back hair will stop growing. After getting a Brazilian getting my boobs waxed hurts the most.

Maybe I am hoping for to much; I do not want to get my hopes up to high, but I do want it to do so much.

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