It is Hard Work

Activism is hard work, first I had a talk with an MLA here in Saskatoon. He gave me some suggestions on things to do. I wrote two letters and an email, I just hit the send button after making sure all of my ducks are in a row and are quacking in unison. I love what I do and I plan on doing it until the moment after I die. I so wish I did not need to be fighting to be seen as equal but I do and I will.

Today I pulled out the big guns; I played the disabled card, and I got some more agencies involved. I hate that I am using my disability as a tool to fight for Trans and Genderqueer rights. I have played that card before with the SHRC but they have pushed it a side, maybe hoping I would forget about it? The two other agencies are; the Ombudsman, and the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner.

I am going to dilate and take a nap!

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