Single use

I have been trying to stop using single use items, last night I got some batteries. After I got home I realized that they are not rechargeable, they are going to be used then thrown away. Even if they where rechargeable I have no way of recharging them, but that is besides the point. I also got some snack food with those batteries so I got a grocery bag, I have been using my own bags for a while now because I do not need so much single use plastic in my home. I bought a bag of chips to munch on last night as well, as I was snaking in bed last night this morning I woke up only to realize that bag is doing nothing but going into the garbage now. I can buy that same mix from the Bulk Barn and I can bring my own reusable container.

I will be moving away from the big black garbage bags in the near future, I have found biodegradable garbage bags but those are only going to cost to much money. Using biodegradable garbage bags is kinda sorta pointless as the dumpster divers are only going to rip them open any ways, so I will be just not lining my garbage can. You might ask how I plan on doing that, is it not going to get smelly and the such? I so very rarely throw something with liquid, or something that is sticky, into the garbage so I am not concerned about that.

I compost all of my food waste or at least most of it. I love gardening however the whole buying fertilizer seems like a waste when I have compost to use in place of fertilizer. I try to eat as much of the food product as possible so that it does not need to be turned to plant food, but I drink enough tea that I can fill my compost container up fairly quick.

I recycle as much as I can not only does it give job opportunities to those working at Sarcan or Cosmo Industries but it reduces how much paper needs to be made from dead trees. I get all kinds of warm squishy feelings knowing I am giving differently abled people jobs as well.

In writing this I realize that I have yet another reason to stop eating fast food, or well take out entirely. Styrofoam is a horrible product that cannot, or at least should not be used more then once. Styrofoam also does not break down very easily, a lot like plastic. The tin foil containers can be cleaned and recycled however it is better to play safe then sorry to find out what kind of containers they use.

I have tried in the past to make my own makeup, in the past it was because I was scared of buying my own. Now that my makeup is like my security blanky I think I am going to try doing it again so that I do not have the stuff to through away when I need more makeup. I will also be looking into making my own shampoo and body wash, but those maybe a little ways off yet.

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