I am not Trans… parent today

As today is Trans Day of Visibility, you cannot see through me today! I am very visibly Trans; even though I am mistaken for cis more times then not, I am not scared of being my flavour of queer!

As I said on the book of Faces this morning today is a day that I do not need to be as loud about who I am and what I stand for, or rather I should not need to be. I wish everyday people in my community did not need to feel as if they needed to be invisible, I wish every day we where just seen as people.

I speak knowing I have all kinds of privilege, I know full well that many see my fighting as me looking for more privilege. I fight very openly and very visibly for the benefit of others who do not have the same benefits, I take full advantage of the things I fight for but I will continue the fight until the moment after I kick it.

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