So I have been accused of lying about my Genital Reconstruction. 117 days before my surgery I started a count down, 71 days ago I started talking about all the euphoria. Who would I be lying to? Why would I be lying? What purpose does lying about my surgery serve? How would lying about this serve any purpose?

I fight for the rights of Trans folk, lying about my Transition would only hurt my Trans activism! I have been on several provincial news outlets, a couple of national ones, and at least one international one. Why would I try to damage my reputation?

This whole kerfuffle started because I am poly-sexual, this person thought maybe I should “stay a man” if I like women sometimes. I was never a man I just pretended to be one because of my penis. There is so much more to being a human then medical stuff, there is so much more to being Trans then what genitals one has. Not every woman has a vagina, some have a penis. Not every man has a penis, some have a vagina.

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