Pistachio Ice Cream

I just made some pistachio ice cream and wow it is amazing! I wish I would have known it was this good before I went to Montreal, I would have loaded up my freezer with it.

I know it looks a little off but all that is in there is pistachios and a little sugar.

What I needed 1 cup of pistachios, 4 cups of water, and a little sugar. I also used my blender, I used my pressure cooker, ice cream maker, and nut milk bag.

Put the pistachios in the pressure cooker for one minute on high. Combine the water and nuts in blender and blend well, probably 6 or 7 minutes. Pour the liquid through the nut milk bag or coffee filter, the liquid is pistachio milk and the solid is pistachio butter. Put the milk into the ice cream maker, add as much sugar as want making nut ice cream I have found that sugar is needed, and add half of the pistachio butter in. Turn the ice cream maker on and in 20 or so minutes you have green dairy free ice cream.

Some times when I make nut milk ice cream I add vanilla flavouring, chocolate chips, or more nuts. So far I have made a couple batches of walnut ice cream and I think it needs the extra flavouring. Several batches of almond milk ice cream and it is good with or without extra flavours. Now I have made pistachio ice cream and I don’t know that flavouring would go good with it.

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