Anxiety Rushed Back

One of the most disgusting things said down to me by a superior at work was maybe we can transfer some of your cases to a female interviewer, oh you know what I mean a real female interviewer. I know that I sat down on the middle of three chairs in my foyer, I know how hurt I was, but I also know that this person denied saying this.

I was trying to work with the big seeing things in a new light thing that got me to clean my room, it was going good I had my foyer cleaned. Then I looked at the chair, I had cleaned all of the stuff off already, so I had seen it already, then BAM! That F wording memory came back. The anxiety just killed my good vibes, so the kitchen table is going to need to wait for a bit.

I am looking forward to a Sitz bath in my tub this evening so I will need to clean my bathroom yet.

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