It has only been 7 weeks and 3 days

I was writing a question on a Trans specific Facebook group, I realized that I am only 7 weeks and 3 days post op. It has felt so much longer, but at the same time it has gone so fast.

I feel so much safer in my body, without my dangly bits or extroverted genitals. I do not want to cut them off myself. I am not disgusted every time I see my junk. I am still a little scared of washing my junk but that is because I do not want to hurt anything rather then touching it. It feels so right now, sure I still have horrible issues with other masculine traits of my body but having the right stuff down there is a great weight off of my hips.

It feels like only yesterday sense I asked for my dangly bits and any leftovers to be donated to a random fast food restaurant in Saskatoon some time in the future. So many things have happened sense then, I would not trade these experiences for the world.

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