Planted my Flag

40 days ago I got my wienie lopped off and turned in side out. In the documents sent home from Montreal there is a schedule that we need to follow for dilation, vaginal care, and maintenance.

In month 2 the second last point is “You may begin exploring the region of your clitoris with your fingers,” I thought it was going to be a few weeks yet until I would start the treasure hunt, today out of shear dumb luck I bumped something while I was removing Edward to finish my dilation this morning. It felt different and I was not sure what it was so I thought it is as good of a time as any other to figure things out.

So the spot I bumped I think was my urethra, but guess what else I found. I found my clit! I double checked, and I am fairly sure that is what I found, cause it felt good for a bit. I am scared of touching things and damaging them, as my feeling comes and goes so I do not want to be aggressive with it, but I think I found it. It put a smile on my face!

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