Someone I love

This person and I have had a rough relationship sense about 2007, it got better around 2010. I started to come out in 2013, they were the first person close to me that I came out to. I went back into the closet and I believed that they forgot about me coming out. A little over a year later I came out again, this time I was staying out well sort of. One day this person came over and saw a bottle of esterase and told me “I hope you stop this before anything permanent happens.” After this the Transphobia started, so I avoided this person. I had gone through a couple of non binary phases during all this but a note from this person, that was nothing more than an insult meant to hurt me, helped show me that I was on the binary and that the surgery I had been avoiding was what I needed.

I am an employee of the Government of Canada, so Phoenix Pay really messed things up. Things happened and the mortgage company went to a Transphobic law firm, who made several attacks at me. The attack I am most disgusted by was when the law firm delivered a letter to the previously mentioned person the Sunday before my surgery. I could go into more the Transphobic attacks but that is another story.

Things are being figured out to get me back on track and it should be figured out soon. The person discussed earlier did some quick research and “discovered” that I could have taken care of most of my debts with the money that was paid for recovery. What this person did not see in there quick research was that I had coverage and that I would not be going without it. They also failed to understand how it had moved to a matter of life or death that I receive that surgery.

I write my blog as a type of self therapy and so others can see that they are not alone, as others being open about their experiences helped me. I am writing this post to help calm myself and to try and show that person that there are issues that I would like to work through however all of my olive branches are broken, they said “Your very public comments about other issues have been noted and will be tracked.” So I am hoping that they read this and realize the hurt they have put me through, this is the last olive branch.

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