3 days

I will wait for the co-op strike to be over before I ceremonially return my left over Spiro.

Last chance to eat chicken nuggets from a fast food joint without fearing they where this chicks nuggets.

Today I need to be packed for Montreal. Who am I kidding I have been packed for a week and a half.

Tonight is the last sleep in Saskatoon with dangly bits.

1 days until I travel to Montreal.

1 days until I need to transfer planes with the extra baggage attached to me.

3 days until the last ever time I could wake up with morning wood. (If I still did that)

3 days until my remodelling.

3 days until I will probably stop my count down.

4 days until I could wake up with phantom wood.

6 days until I am out of the Hospital.

8 days until I can see my vagina.

8 days until I begin taking Sitz baths

8 days until I start dilating 4 times a day

8 days until the Removal of Urinary catheter

8 days until I will consider starting my count down again, hopefully I consider not to.

11 days until I come home.

11 days until I get to go through airport security with dilators!

14 days until I write the article I am wanting to write.

19 days until I my menopause stops.

24 days until dilation schedule changes to 3 times a day.

26 to infinity days until I can vaginally climax.

37 to 55 days until I can go swimming with the remodelling.

47 days until I should start taking probiotics for vaginal health and smell.

62 days until I get to start getting Laser beams or lightning bolts to my girly bits for hair removal.

62 days until I can explore my clitoral area.

62 days until I stop taking Sitz baths.

62 days until I can dilate two times a day.

84 days until I need to see an endo about my hormones.

88 days until I can start receiving cunnuslingus.

88 days until I can restart having anal sex.

88 days until my vaginal cherry can be popped.

88 days until I could change to coconut oil for dilation.

109 days until I can claim lube on my taxes.

123 days until I find out how much money I will get back for my lube this year.

278 days until my first birthday with no dangly bits.

343 days until I get to celebrate a new Star Wars movie Dangly bit free.

355 days until I need to come up with a new news years resolution.

370 days until my pussy coughs up a hair ball (I can get any pubic hairs removed from inside my vagina)

370 days until I dilate once a week!

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