30 days

2 days until I get the rest of Ryan’s wardrobe out of my home!

3 days until I code off the remaining cases for a certain survey for the last time prior to my “the surgery.”

4 days until I ceremonially return my left over Spiro.

8 days until I am going to stop going to the gym for weight loss.

10 days until the last Christmas that I could be kicked in the dangly bits.

11 days until I need to stop HRT.

12 days until I decide to go back to the gym for weight loss.

12 days until until I am T fuelled, maybe.

13 days until I start getting my rear kicked at the gym.

17 days until the last time I make the new years resolution to have my dangly bits removed.

25 days until the last HVCA meeting my dangly bits will be still attached to me.

26 days until the last time I see my chiropractor with extraverted junk.

27 days until the last day I could eat chicken nuggets from a fast food joint without fearing they where this chicks nuggets.

27 days until I need to be packed for Montreal.

27 sleeps in Saskatoon with dangly bits.

28 days until I travel to Montreal.

30 days until the last ever time I could wake up with morning wood.

30 days until my remodelling.

30 days until I will probably stop my count down.

35 days until I am out of the Hospital.

35 days until I can see my vagina.

35 days until I begin taking Sitz baths

35 days until I start dilating 4 times a day

35 days until the Removal of Urinary catheter

35 days until I will consider starting my count down again, hopefully I consider not to.

38 days until I come home.

41 days until I write the article I am wanting to write.

46 days until I my menopause stops.

51 days until dilation schedule changes to 3 times a day.

53 to infinity days until I can vaginally climax.

64 to 82 days until I can go swimming with the remodelling.

73 days until I should start taking probiotics for vaginal health and smell.

88 days until I get to start Genital Laser or electrolysis hair removal.

88 days until I can explore my clitoral area.

88 days until I stop taking Sitz baths.

88 days until I can dilate two times a day.

111 days until I need to see an endo about my hormones.

115 days until I can start receiving cunnuslingus.

115 days until I can restart having anal sex.

115 days until I could change to coconut oil for dilation.

136 days until I can claim lube on my taxes.

305 days until my first birthday with no dangly bits.

369 days until I get to celebrate a new Star Wars movie Dangly bit free.

396 days until my pussy coughs up a hair ball (I can get any pubic hairs removed from inside my vagina)

396 days until I dilate once a week!

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