61 days

1 days until I should book an appointment with an endo.

22 days until the last work conference call before the remodelling.

39 days until I am going to stop going to the gym for weight loss.

40 days until the last Christmas that I could be kicked in the dangly bits.

41 days until I need to stop HRT.

42 days until I decide to go back to the gym for weight loss.

48 days until the last time I make the new years resolution to have my dangly bits removed.

58 days until the last day I could eat chicken nuggets from a fast food joint without fearing they where this chicks nuggets.

58 days until I need to be packed for Montreal.

59 days until I travel to Montreal.

61 days until my remodelling.

61 days until I will probably stop my count down.

64 days until I am out of the Hospital.

66 days until I can see my vagina.

66 days until I begin taking Sitz baths

66 days until I start dilating 4 times a day

66 days until the Removal of Urinary catheter

66 days until I will consider starting my count down again, I will hopefully think not to.

70 days until I come home.

76 days until I can restart hormones.

83 to infinity days until I can vaginally climax.

92 days until dilation schedule changes to 3 times a day.

95 to 111 days until I can go swimming with the remodelling.

104 days until I should start taking probiotics for vaginal health and smell.

116 days until I get to start Genital Laser or electrolysis hair removal.

118 days until I can explore my clitoral area.

118 days until I stop taking Sitz baths.

120 days until I can dilate two times a day.

142 days until I need to see an endo about my menopause.

146 days until I can start receiving cunnuslingus.

146 days until I can restart having anal sex.

336 days until my first birthday with no dangly bits.

427 days until I can get any pubic hairs removed from inside my vagina.

427 days until I dilate once a week!

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