As I am still incredibly uncomfortable

As I am still incredibly uncomfortable going into a store and buying underwear and I am losing weight I need to buy new panties online. I could not go into a store and buy them, just as I cannot go into a store to buy bras.

I have no problem going into stores and buying clothing, and no one bats an eye thinking I am anything but a woman. Underwear is something different for me.

Why is it so tough?


  1. Strangely enough, i have the same issue buying bra’s, although I thats mainly beceause 40/42 A or B is not a commonly stocked size.
    I have had success with the wish store and Ali Express for my bra shopping. I have tried purchasing bra’s from Wal-Mart, but I always ended up taling them back. Trust me, if you take them back in drab mode, the girl behind the counter is way more flustered than you are.

    Actual underwear, I find the “jones new york” that Costco sells very comfortable. I have even picked them up in drab mode, when you have a cart full of stuff the staff do not even look twice.


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