Comfort zone

I have been working at breaking out of my comfort zone, and fighting the anxiety. It took a lot for me to be able to go into the women’s change room just to hang up my jacket. Today my plan was to shower at the gym, it took me forever to actually leave my place, I got to the gym and was like “nope not going in” and drove away. A block away I realized I could still just go to the gym so I turned around and headed back.

My goal at the gym today was half an hour on the treadmill and some leg stuff. I did my half an hour on the treadmill and stepped off, and my knees where like “yeah no, no more exercising for you.” I was heading to the change room, to get my jacket, and I just realized how gross and sweaty I was. I worked up the courage and got into the shower, my anxiety was all over the place. These where shower stalls so someone would have to really work at it to see what was between my legs. Everything was covered up when it needed to be and did anyone care? Nope! There was even a few other women in the change room.

I did however realize I need a new hair brush for my gym bag.

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