I made some Honey Peanut Ice Cream

I thought what the heck let’s make some honey peanut Ice cream. The benefits of nut milk is you do not need combine and cool for six hours before making the ice cream. I soaked the peanuts for three hours, I was doing that any ways to make the milk. The ice cream idea came soon after I started blending the nuts to make the milk.

Next time I do that though I am not going to spend time removing the blended up nuts, cause I just put them back in. On second thought maybe I will because things needed to be separated to start the process, some experimentation is needed! It was so nummy, there was no artificial stuff in it and very little sugar the only add sugar was the vanilla flavouring and the honey, next time no honey.

So in short I made ice cream with 1 cup of peanuts, 2 cups of water, a splash of vanilla flavouring, and a couple spoon fulls of honey and it was good!

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