Gender inclusivity

I am on the binary I briefly flirted with the idea of me being non binary but that was not for me. I have stood up to many different agencies including the Government of Canada, on more than one occasion, for more gender inclusivity.

I refuse to use the acronyms MtF or FtM as I have never seen them to include MtNB, FTNB, NBTM, or NBTF. I fear that MtF and FtM makes it appear as if the binary is the only options.

I stood up for gender inclusive language in respects to an article written regarding Trumps idea to erase us down there in the states. I realize that gender inclusivity was probably one of the last things on their mind, but we cannot stand our ground for trans rights if we are not standing with all of our siblings.

As I am on the binary and only briefly flirted with being non binary. Is it wrong for me to take a firm stance against the use of gender exclusive language?

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