I had an epiphany, weeks after it happened but still. Not many trans activists can say they stood on the world stage and told the Government of Canada that there are more than 2 genders, not to shine my ego but it may only be me!

At the first night of InterPRIDE there was a speech given by Randy Boissonnault, MP for Edmonton Centre. In the speech he said something about the binary it could have been men and women, or brothers and sisters, and carried on so I spoke up and said and those out side of the binary! He quickly corrected himself. After the speech I had a quick chat with him as I really was not sure how he took me speaking up but he thanked me and said he was going to work at fixing that.

Further more, not many people can say they have corrected agencies of Canada on gender inclusivity but I can now say I have done it twice. Well I am still working on the Union of National Employees (UNE). They are now using Brothers, Sisters, and Friends which kind a sort a could be seen as a bit of an insult as people outside of the binary are not family they are just “Friends,” I sure as heck hope I did not suggest that one! Next UNE email I get I will have to check on that.

I have put some pressure on Statistics Canada to notice people outside of the binary. Due to a court case after the last census they have been given until next census to figure out how they are going to do that, for census. I am hoping that all the research they are doing this year (2018) will move to include people outside of the binary in the core surveys, in 2019 before the 2021 census dead line. https://reannlegge.com/statistics-canada-open-letter/.

As a side note; I identify on the binary, there was a brief period where I did not but that is besides the point. I will fight for more gender inclusivity until the moment after I kick it. I used to say “until I pass” but someone asked me why I would stop after I pass? I realized that the passing I meant was “pass away,” not “pass as Reann,” so I had to change how I worded my activism goal!

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