More Anxiety

This is not fun, why couldn’t they just tell me the information I need to know?

Sask Health knows that if they are going to fund me without putting up more of a stink. Why could they just not tell me over the phone, or why did they have to tell me the letter was sent Friday evening after GRS Montreal was closed?

Why couldn’t I just be booked at the clinic already? They are already aware of some of the fight I have been doing for things like trans healthcare, as I had already talked with many people there prior to my paper work being sent in. They know it is happening they should just book it. Montreal should be able to tell me on Monday, but Monday seem so far away!

It looks as if I am going to need to pay $550 for my flight to Montreal and back, that does not cause me anxiety, yet. $550 is a little more than what I can afford, but I will be able to figure it out. I am trying to make that cause anxiety cause I know I will be able to get over that, but no such luck.

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