I am going to Sous-vide a spaghetti dish in my dishwasher for supper tonight! Well the more I think about it, I think it will be quasi Sous-vide as it will be in a jar rather than a vacuum sealed bag, or the saran wrap I used last night with my steak.

I also need to figure out what protein to use; I was thinking of ground beef, but thought I would have to fry a pound of it only to use a little bit of it. Than I was thinking the other new york strip loin, but again I would have to cook it. Than I realized I have some have some dead chicken that is cooked in my fridge, but I am not sure that it would be still safe to eat. I have some dead chicken in my freezer it is cooked I could through that in there and I need to use that strip loin so I should cook it and through it in there to.

I think I am going to make several meals tonight, I can put them into my jam jars so the dishwasher will seal them and they will last longer in my fridge! A few will be strip loin and a few will be chicken.

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