On a Facebook group I belong to, someone was talking about how they thought fetishes where bad. I am thinking of writing a paper on that, as fetishes are not a bad thing unless they are illegal, like rape or pedophilia.

The main thing this person was concerned about was that their friend admitted to liking car part (T slur) porn. This form of pornography has helped many people, more so fem people, in the trans community pay for there stuff so I will never say trans porn needs to go away.

I will be honest that when I was into car part porn while I was trying to figure my stuff out. It may have actually held me back as that was the only place I saw trans folk, but at the same time it helped me start to learn about trans stuff. When it came time for me to watch Soldiers Girl in that psychology class I was already predisposed to the fact that people who are trans existed.

I know that some of the guys I have hooked up with looked to me as just a fetish for them but sometimes the sex was good.

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