Sexual Assault

I was sexually harassed so I was looking for a trans specific resource, I found very few valid resources or shared experiences. I think that needs to change, so I am going to write about some of my experiences.

With my job I go to certain homes to collect data for a public service agency in Canada, some of the survey’s are mandatory, some of them are not. Some of the survey’s repeat with different intervals some of them do not repeat. However the information collected from each and everyone is very important. It is my job to get you to do these surveys as more data is always better. I have been told off every single way at least twice, and I am very rarely shaken about that. I was threatened with a gun at least the two times I can remember and it didn’t really phase me until I realized how scary that was after I left the home.

I had the opportunity to go up north to collect data, so I took it. One day I was going up in the elevator there was 3 or 4 other people in the elevator with me, the door closes and it starts to move. One of the people grabbed my left breast and said “This is not right!” Than something in a Chinese language, then back to me saying “this is not right!” Then let go.

I am not trying to be racist against Chinese people, I am just making an educated guess. The Chinese have a belief that if you conceive under the northern lights your child will be lucky, or something like that.

I was just shut down I could barley bring myself to leave the room I believe I did a few times as I needed to try and get work done. I remember the senior getting a little grumpy with me as I was up there to be doing work. It took a lot out of me to tell them that I was sexually assaulted, my seniors attitude towards me appeared to change instantly. The, I guess you would call it, acknowledgment of my pain helped me over come the pain and fear I was feeling and get out to work. As this was a while ago I can remember seeing this woman at least two more times.

I wrote my senior today saying that the harassment was harder than the assault, as if it was a surprise. We are taught that sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me, I know that is not true I have a very expensive peace of paper saying I know that but I did not believe it. The words scared me that my life was ending the words, the hand on my breast shocked me.

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