First Day

I was sexually harassed recently so I was looking for a trans specific resource, I found very few valid resources or shared experiences. I think that needs to change, so I am going to write about some of my experiences.

As this was a while ago, but I still remember it. This was not at work, just to make that clear my job is not the only place transphobia happens to me. I had just started going out socially socially. I knew I was far away from “passing,” but I needed to be the woman I am out in the wild. I do not think I knew myself as Reann yet but that is besides the point.

Side note I hate the term “pass,” every single person looks different. I know there are traits people that feminize or masculinize the bodies but some cis people do not have these traits, does that mean they do not “pass?” Sure I am looking into how to get many different procedures but do I care if someone says I “pass” or not? Not really, any more.

I was in a mall, confederation to be exact, I was trying to be out in public as a woman. Why I chose confed is a mystery to me, but I was there and these two young masculine presenting people where talking about me being a car part. I was a little uncomfortable but I was not going to let that slow me down.

One of those masculine presenting guys ran up and slapped my bum, out of confusion and pain I turned around and the other one grabbed my breasts. After that they both ran away I was so hurt, scared, and confused. As I felt less than human at that time and I felt as if I was not valid as a woman I could not go to security I could do nothing about it. Being attacked and not feeling safe to do any thing about it is a horrible feeling.

This is one of the things that probably held me back from jumping socially full time by several months. Being sexually assaulted on my first day trying out being the woman I am really hurt, but as I look back now I am happy that it was young people being idiots rather than adults attacking me.

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