Being called a car part (t slur)

First and foremost I use the phrase car part, as I like that better than ‘t slur.’ I borrowed that from a friend and because I want to give credit where credit is due, her name is River.

I was sexually harassed recently so I was looking for a trans specific resource, I found very few valid resources or shared experiences. I think that needs to change, so I am going to write about some of my experiences.

To many times to count I have been called a car part. When I was first coming out I thought I was fine with being called that, but as I became more involved with the trans community I became aware of how much the T slur hurts people.

I have realized that it hurts, I have less of a problem using it around fellow people who are trans if they are fine with it but when a cis calls me that it hurts.

One of the most shocking stories of being called that, I was in the makeup section of Walmart and this little feminine presenting child asks there mother “mom is that a boy or a girl?” The little masculine presenting child said “No they are called car parts.” I was shocked, so I left to the refrigerated section. While I was there some masculine presenting person said something along the lines of “look another car part.” Because I was already a little emotional I asked them not to use that word, one of them said “oh it is ok I am one.” I was so frustrated.

To many times to count I have either heard little children asking older people if I am a boy or a girl. I really lost the ability to care about hearing that question until I heard a little person ask their mother the is that a boy or a girl question, and I will quote the response the mother gave as it is etched in to my memory, “That is a boy, he may think he is a girl but he will always be a girl.”

The last time a little person asked me if I was a boy or a girl I replied with, “No I am proof that you can be whoever you where supposed to be!” And I walked away.

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