I just got a phone call

The doctor who gives the okie dokie for out of province expenses just called me, everything should be done for funding soon. I was very concerned that I was not going to get the funding as I had gotten the okie dokie a few years ago after I got scared and thought I really identified outside of the binary and did not need Genital Reconstructive Surgery. As time progressed I realized that I definitely am a binary woman, and that my no no zone was seriously my no no zone. My no no zone needs to be change to my oh yeah zone!

I am in no way trying to say or imply that non-binary folk are scared of anything, but while I was identifying as non-binary a small part of me defiantly was.

Hopefully everything will be sunshine and roses from this point on.

I was also told, by a third party, that the wait time for Montreal is about 1 year. Not sure if that is from when my paperwork hits the desk or if it is from the time that it is sent in. If it is from the time it was sent in I am hoping February, if it is from the time it hits the desk than that means April.

I have been working on this post for about an hour now. I am going from anxiety to euphoria at the snap of a finger. I love that I am so emotional, it provides me the drive that I need to fight for the stuff I fight for when I fight for it. I hate that I am so emotional this rapid mood swing thing is so f wording draining!

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