Someone is talking to my mother

I am fairly sure I know who it is talking to my mother, telling her some of the things she cannot bring herself to read or see on my very public blog. I am going to ask my mother if he has told her about how I so want to be able to talk to her but cannot? Or did he tell her about how I have been sick for the past 2 weeks? Did he tell her about why I take daily selfies? Has he told her some of the issues I have been or are continuing to deal with? Has he told her about any of my activism work? Has he told her about how I was sexually assaulted in an elevator up in Yellowknife? Or is he only trying to poor fuel on the fire? Than I would like to ask him to stop as it is not only hurting me but also my mother. If my mother wants to have a relationship with me in the same way that I want to have one with her that is not going to happen if he keeps poring fuel on there. Than I would ask him why he has not told my father? Does he think he wont get the same response, so it is not worth his time?

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