I recently thought of some reasons why I am not trans and “becoming trans” is wrong or so I have been told

*edit: someone told me that I am a defiantly female, and there is so much more to being trans than passing and “the surgery.” I totally agree these are reasons given to me. I wrote a few pages as to how each of these are wrong!

I recently thought of some of the many things that have been said to me about being trans or why I should not “become” trans, there are many more but this is what I can bring myself to remember right now:

  • You are only doing this because Kaitlyn Jenner has made it look cool
  • You are only doing this because Kaitlyn Jenner makes it look easy
  • Kaitlyn Jenner can afford the surgeries to look like a woman
  • Kaitlyn Jenner can afford to have “the surgery”
  • Kaitlyn Jenner…
  • You will never pass as a woman
  • You will become a street worker
  • You will lose your home
  • You will rely on drugs and need to work the street to pay for them
  • You will lose your job, no union will be able to protect you
  • You will lose your SGI income
  • You will need to live on the street because homeless shelters wont take you in
  • You will never be able to afford “the surgery”
  • No one will ever take you seriously
  • You are not a real transgender because real ones know at a young age
  • You are not a real transgender because real ones try on there parents clothing
  • You did not come out of the closet, coming out is for gay people
  • You should not tell anyone that you are trans
  • You do not look like a Reann
  • I know more than you, and I know you are not transgender
  • If you go through with this you are dead to me
  • You are going to throw away all your privilege
  • It is just a phase, you will get over it
  • You will look back and see that this was a mistake, once it is to late
  • You are a man, you will always be a man nothing you can do will change that
  • What makes you think you are transgender? Real transgender people know why
  • My favourite one has got to be
    • You are just doing this to make friends

    As I told this person, “When I give speeches I do not tell who made the comment but this is the only one I share, I always get a good chuckle out of this one. Let me tell you there are 1 000 000 000’s of ways that are easier to make friends than to come out as trans. Sure I have made some new friends from people I would have never met if I stayed in the closet, but that is not why I came out.”

  • I started this list as someone was complaining to me about some things and I realized I forgot the most hurtful one they made:
    • What would Troy think?

    Troy is my deceased brother, who passed away when he was 10, 18 years ago.

    I must have forgotten this one because of how disgusting and hurtful it is.

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