I poked some holes in the cis

I have fallen in to Quora and went down a rabbit hole when I saw a question of would a cis man date a woman who is trans. Some guy said no he would not, so being the smart ass that I am I asked him how he would know if someone was trans or not. This numb skull said there are tell tail signs or something like that, so I pointed out how every person is different and some women who are cis have masculine things to them as well.

He replied with no trans woman gets wet, and no trans woman menstruates. I told him that not all cis woman get wet and not all cis woman menstruate either, for the whole getting wet thing I wanted to tell take shots at him but decided to go further. So I continued on with:

“The question was along the lines of would you date a woman who is AMAB, you claimed that you would not because there are signs that someone is trans. I don’t know if this is the girl in me but there is so much more to dating than sex, maybe you will meet a woman and she will suggest not getting into bed right away. You could be so attracted to this woman that you agree, so you go on a few more dates. You are so in to her and it finally is to a place where you go back to her place, you start making out with her you both start to strip. You look over her naked body, she gives you a rubber you tell her you want to go bare but she insists. From now on every time a woman wants you to use a rubber you are going to question if they are trans or not.”

So I do not know, nor will I ever know, but I hope I messed this guys sex life up.

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